Student Exchange Program

See our proposal for student exchange program HERE

Exchange scheme for foreign students in Telkom University

Semester ODD: August – January
Semester EVEN: February – July

Normal Credits

Maximum 24 Credits

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Previous program

OUT Program

List below is the data of student exchange and short program for Telkom University students went to foreign university.

NoTermNumber of studentsPartner UniversityProgram
1ODD 2018/20191Hanyang UniversityStudent Exchange
2ODD 2019/20202Hanyang UniversityStudent Exchange
3EVEN 2019/202030UTHMStudent Exchange
4Winter Program 20186Hanyang UniversityShort Program
5Summer 20181Hanyang UniversityShort Program
6Summer 20174Hanyang UniversityShort Program
7Summer 20171Saxion UniversityShort Program

IN Program

List below is data of foreign students who come to Telkom University

NoTermNumber of studentPartner UniversityProgram
1ODD 2017/20187University Utara MalaysiaStudent Excahnge
2ODD 2018/20199University Utara MalaysiaStudent Excahnge
3EVEN 2018/20195University Utara MalaysiaStudent Excahnge
4ODD 2019/20207University Utara MalaysiaStudent Excahnge
5ODD 2019/202014UTHMStudent Excahnge
6Summer 201614University of MalaysiaJoint Summer Course
7Summer 201713University of MalaysiaJoint Summer Course
8Summer 201813University of MalaysiaJoint Summer Course
9Summer 201915University of MalaysiaJoint Summer Course
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