Global Learning Week event or known as GLOW is a program to invite some overseas professors for teaching one course in our Informatics Study Program. Invited professors will teach our students in 20-25 hours only for one course. If you are interested with this program as a teacher please see the detail information here.


GLOW in 13-24 July 2020 (Online Learning)
We invite two Associate Professors
1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norma Alias (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) to teach ICT AND GLOBAL INSIGHT course for 45 students
2. Prof. MADYA Dr. Fatimah Binti Sidi (UPM) to teach ICT PROJECT MANAGEMENT course for 50 students.

GLOW in 20-29 May 2019
We invite two Associate Professors
1. Dr. Zuraida binti Abal Abas (Universiti Teknikal Malaysia) to teach MODELING AND SIMULATION course for 15 students
2. Dr. Zurina Saaya (Universiti Teknikal Malaysia) to teach SECURITY SYSTEM course for 20 students.

GLOW in 30 April 2018
We invite two Associate Professors
1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jaiteg Singh (Chitkara University) to teach DATA MINING course for 19 students
2. Dr. Afizan Azman (MMU) to teach HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION course for 19 students.