The Bachelor of Informatics Study Program


To be a study program that produce world class graduates and researches in Informatics area.

The following are explanations of The Bachelor of Informatics Study Program vision:

  1. World Class: To get IABEE International Accreditation and have publications in reputable journals and international conferences.
  2. Informatics Area: Informatics Area is  Informatics Engineering that refers to  Computing Curricula for Computer Science. The focus of Informatics area is Intelligence Systems.This is motivated by the development of the Internet era that shifts to Intelligence Systems that supports the whole process in various aspects of community life.
  3. This vision should be achievedat 2018.


  1. To execute and develop world class education;
  2. To implement researches, to develop and spread research results in IntelligenceSystems area, especially Software & Data Engineering, Information Systems,Computation andTelematics to answer community and industry needs;

To realise an increase sustainable domestic and foreign cooperation with various parties (industries, government, education institutions, research institutions, and community) in order to carry out community service.